Sama Beirut is located in proximity to the Beirut Central District, on a piece of land at an altitude of 74m; stretching at a grand height of 186m, the total altitude amounts to 260m in the heart of Beirut. From this tower, you can enjoy 360-degree views, starting from Mount Lebanon, all the way to the bay of Jounieh, along the sea shore, to the port of Beirut, and the BCD as well as the rest of the Lebanese capital.

The fundamental design of the highest tower in Lebanon begins with four sheets, each folded over, enveloping and rising above the one before it, giving the illusion of stepping up towards the heavens. This unique bend in volume is what allows for breathtaking panoramic views.

When designing a statement so immense, the architect faces a huge responsibility towards the city and the environment, which is why Sama Beirut aimed to be a green building with a lead certification.

Sama Beirut is a mixed-use development with a wide array of commercial, residential and recreational facilities: The first six floors of the tower are occupied by offices. The rest of the tower is residential. This section is divided into four parts. The first nine stories have three apartments per floor and the proceeding nine floors feature two apartments. The next nine levels have one luxury apartment per floor, and four duplexes occupy the upper floors, with the top of the tower reserved for a lavish penthouse. The ground floor consists of boutique shops, cafés, and restaurants. Six basements offer ample parking for all residents as well as storage and technical space and a top-of-the-line health club.

Redefining luxury living, Sama Beirut towers graciously over the city skyline, leaving an indelible and unforgettable presence that is noticeable from land, sea, and air.

Client: Confidential

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Category: Commercial, High Rise

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