Project management can be defined as a way of developing structure in a complex project, where the independent variables of time, cost, resources, and human behavior come together.” 
Rory Burke

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Project management brings leadership and direction to projects. Leading the team members allows and enables them to do their best work.

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Creating the spaces that people live in, raise their families in, and grow old in, is a tremendous responsibility. Housing is also the essential building block of a neighborhood, and therefore a key ingredient for a successful, living, urban environment.
  • Set all tender documents and specifications to ensure that all the necessary information for design consultant is available. Check and review tender documents (condition of contract, tendering procedure, specifications and document).
  • Set a timetable for the tendering process and monitor closely its implementation and set required design phases.
  • Manage tendering process, invitation, pre-tender conferencing, issue addenda, tender evaluation, recommendation and award.
  • Assist the Employer in preparing the Contract Documents and conditions for all proposed tender packages.
  • Advise on procurement strategy at this stage of the project (tendering stage).
  • Manage and coordinate the overall design program and ensure timely production and review of drawings.
  • Coordinate between design consultant and operator and ensure that all operator’s requirements are considered in the design.
  • Coordinate between design consultant, operator, and interior design consultant and insure a clear line of communication between all parties.
  • Review and check the quality and progress of the design, drawings, and specifications produced by the design consultants.
  • Manage and coordinate design reviews at Schematic Design, Development design, and completion milestones to ensure compliance with Employer’s requirements.
  •  Conduct regular progress and coordination meetings with all concerned design specialists and consultants as necessary and required. 
  • Coordinate with design Consultants to recommend alternative designs, materials, and methods if design adversely affects cost, Schedule or construction, or operational feasibility. Monitor and contribute to the value engineering process among the various consultants.
  • Review the productivity of the design consultants and ensure that they adhere to the design schedule.
  • Meet with the Employer on a regular basis to ensure that project’s criteria and goals are being met, and decisions are made on a timely basis.
  • Implement a meaningful monthly reporting system to the Employer, covering important aspects of the design phase including quality, schedule control, cost control, and key design issues.
  • Review the alternative methods of project delivery and procurement strategy. Examine possible requirements for phased handovers and soft opening.
  • Advise and monitor dates for the submission of design drawings and periods for their consideration and approval. Co-ordinate submission with approved construction package strategy.
  • Monitor and manage the process of submissions and respective approvals of the design drawings with the various authorities.
  • Check that a Quality Assurance is in place and monitor its implementation at all stages for all the parties. Review the QA/QC program of all design consultant(s). Monitor the implementation of the established procedure through the design management involvement.
  • Evaluate changes in the project requirements with respect to cost, time, and quality implications and incorporate approved items into the design process.
  • Review and approve the payment(s) of fees of the Design consultants at different stages of the design including the final payment, all within the contract terms. Recommend to the Employer for processing of such payments.

Screen and prequalify interested parties/contactors for the bid and tendering stage.

  • Check all tender documents and specifications prepared by the design consultants and ensure that all the necessary information for contractors is available. Check and review tender documents (condition of contract, tendering procedure, specifications and drawings). Any comments will be conveyed to the design consultants and tenders prior to tender submission.
  • Set a timetable for the tendering process and monitor closely its implementation. Establish a tendering program based on the approved construction packaging strategy and in co-ordination with the design program. Detail steps of tendering process will be established and monitored for each tender package.
  • Monitor tendering process (managed by design and QS consultant), invitation, pre-tender conferencing, issue addenda, tender evaluation, recommendation and award.
  • Assist the Employer in preparing the Contract Documents and conditions for all proposed tender packages.
  • Advise on procurement strategy at this stage of the project (tendering stage).
  • Establish Project policies and procedures to guide the project team from the construction phase of the project till completion, commissioning, and handover.
  • Ensure that the project is delivered on time, within budget, and with the highest quality in conformity with the specifications and to the best of the standards practices approved in the field.
  • Select and agree on the site supervision team with the lead consultant and specialist consultants.
  • The Project Manager will undertake the project management for the whole of the works from construction contract award through final handing over (including defects liability period).
  • Monitor and recommend the nomination of contractors and suppliers.
  • Monitor the procurement of long-lead items.
  • Procure, manage and administrate the contracts for mock ups fit-out contractors work in coordination with the lead consultant, interior designer, the supervision consultant, and others as necessary and required.
  • Review and approve the site logistic plans submitted by the Contractor(s) Monitor all site logistic activities, and ensure that site activities are progressing without logistical hindrances.
  • Assist the Employer in formalizing the Contractor’s possession of the site in compliance with the contract requirements. Assist the Employer in any coordination requirements with the Consultant(s)and/or Municipal Authorities.
  • Review planning and resource information and check for compliance with provisions of the contract. Identify and advise contractors to resolve it and re-issue it for approval.
  • Throughout the contract period from the contactor look ahead programs (28 days and 60 days look ahead schedules) and production targets and monitor the progress of the contractor at regular intervals, and identify corrective action as necessary to ensure that the construction work is completed in full compliance with the contract.
  • Prepare bi-weekly reports of the contactors’ planned progress against actual progress, level of resources, equipment, the status of sub-contractor/suppliers appointments, look ahead plans, problem-solving, interacting with other contractors, other issues of importance, and actions to be taken and submitted to the Employer.
  • Propose corrective recovery action as may be required for discussion and agreement of the Employer. On the agreement of the Employer implement and monitor corrective recovery action accordingly.
  • In cooperation with a supervision consultant, Assist the Employer in the resolution of disputes in respect of the interpretation of drawings, specifications, or conditions of contract and assist in the resolution of same.
  • Review any proposed supervision Consultant changes as may be necessary to overcome difficulties. 
  • In cooperation with the Design consultant, Review supervision Consultant(s) proposals or contractor requests for change orders in a timely manner.
  • Following a further review with the supervision consultant and final submission by the contactor, submit a proposal to the Employer for approval. 
  • Establish at the site, a comprehensive records system. Maintain up-to-date, accurate records of labor, plant, material delivery/availability, component production, progress, stoppages and issue of information, samples, approvals, safety, testing, and the like. 
  • Co-ordinate with supervision consultant in preparing a list of all defects and agree with contractor on a schedule for carrying our defective works.
  • Assist in consultation with the contractor and supervision Consultant as may be required to arrange for inspection and connection of all public utilities to the development.
  • Monitor the supervision Consultant’s witness and record the performance testing and commissioning of all plant and equipment. Where required ensure attendance by manufacturer’s representatives. Also, with supervision Consultant, record all approvals, defects and/or deficiencies.
  • Anticipate possible contractual disputes and advise in cooperation with supervision Consultant on the action necessary to avoid such disputes.
  • Generally, protect and maintain the rights of the Employer under the terms of the contract by observing and complying with all notice procedures, instructions and the like. Evaluate and advise the Employer and supervision Consultant of all claim notifications received from the contractor and the action to be taken.
  • Monitor and check contractor’s application for payment, check supervision consultant’s review of claimed percentages of work in place and materials on site. Ensure that all supporting documents are included with the payment application. Generally, monitor the complete process of the interim payments until it has been processed by the Employer to the contactors.
  • In coordination with the supervision consultants, maintain a register of all contactor notices and claim notifications.
  • In Coordination with the supervision consultants maintain a register of all contactor requests for an extension of time. Review and appraise each request received from contractors and respond to in the appropriate contractual manner.
  • Monitor the performance surveyor and specialist consultants.
  • Manage the project completion and handover processes overseeing the performance of the supervision team in testing and commissioning of the facilities and systems as required by the specifications to ensure that all are properly installed and successfully operational.
  • Ensure completion and handover to the client of all manuals for equipment, systems, and design data by the contractors/consultants. Hand over and transmit to the client all warranty letters and agreements provided by the contractors and suppliers.
  • Prepare to the Client a final project completion and hand over Report.

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