“You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it requires people to make the dream a reality.”       
 Walt Disney

Service Overview

Erga, with its experience, expertise and know-how, brings its knowledge on site, uses its capacity in taking action and defines an appropriate behavior in order to adapt the planning and organization to the site characteristics. It manages operational functions at each phase and identifies security risks, health, environment and project-related control.

What We Offer

Great projects require the highest quality output at every stage, Therefore Erga provides site supervision, and coordination, and oversees the on-site work processes. 

  • Reviewing Contractor’s proposals for Site installations and temporary facilities, and ensuring timely mobilization activities.
  • Arranging and attending regular Site meetings and keeping Site records and diary.
  • Inspecting materials delivered to Site; and ensuring their compliance with given approvals and specifications, and that they are properly kept and stored.
  • Attending tests at manufacturers’ premises in Local or outside the country if necessary at the Contractor’s expense of materials and equipment and evaluation of test results/certificates for compliance with the Contract requirements.
  • Providing relevant comments to the Contractor relating to executed and finished works and issuing relevant site instructions and directions to the contractor to ensure contractor compliance with all of the terms and Conditions of the Contract.
  • Inspecting materials and field work to ensure compliance with the Contract Documents.
  • Ensuring the enforcement of proper quality control systems, procedures and requirements are enforced by the contractor including any field any laboratory tests.
  • Supervising and implementing the local safety and health regulations and carrying out workplace safety inspections.
  • Initiating and attending progress and coordination meetings with the Contractor, its subcontractors, and other concerned parties.
  • Supervising and inspecting all conducted works from the contractor on Site.
  • Attending testing, commissioning and handing-over of the Works and receiving final Contract’s documentation.
  • Assisting the Client during maintenance period in training aspects and ensuring rectification of snags (at additional fees).
  • Participate with the Client’s representative on key matters associated with master program, progress and completion.
  • Reviewing outline procedures to maintenance manuals and training.
  • Preparing the snagging lists of the Project, with the list of outstanding items, after obtaining from the Contractor a letter confirming the timely finishing schedule of the comments and snag.


The head office shall provide the following support services during performance by our Site Team of its services:


  • Reviewing and approving of design and calculation notes by specialist subcontractors called for in the Contract documents.
  • Reviewing Shop drawings and job standards including manufacturer’s specialist details, and method statements for specialized works.
  • Reviewing and approving of materials and equipment in general, and for specialist trades in particular.
  • Back-up and advice to site personnel with respect to performance of the services, and quality control of their performance.
  • Reviewing of special construction methods, form work for special structures, and proposals relating to execution of specialist works and systems.
  • Advising on necessity for inspection and testing at, manufacturer’s premises of materials and plant to be supplied under the contract, and arranging for these to be carried out by specialist inspection agencies.
  • Meetings with specialist contractors and manufacturers, and attending coordination meetings relating to the Contract on monthly basis.
  • Attending to queries that are raised with respect to the Works, and providing additional details or clarification.
  • Advising on technical matter or other relating to the works as may be required from time to time during execution, and assisting in the interpretation of Contract drawings and documents.
  • Recommending guideline solutions to construction-related problems.
  • Reviewing basic outline procedures relating to testing and commissioning.


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