Architecture provides an opportunity to not only add beauty and structure to the world, but to profoundly improve the conditions for people, communities, society, businesses and the environment.

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Erga takes a comprehensive approach to design, working from inception to completion to turn an architectural vision into reality.
Its experienced architects,  structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, landscape designers and master planners complement its wide range of construction consultancy services by providing holistic design solutions that reflect an understanding of the full project lifecycle.

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Creating the spaces that people live in, is a tremendous responsibility. Architecture is measured against the past; you build in the future, and you try to imagine the future.

This stage consists of presenting a basic concept with sufficient information that includes the following:

  • Massing proposals and layouts.
  • Explanatory sketches and diagrams.
  • Conceptual plans, sections and elevations at a scale large enough to explain the design concept of the master plan.
  • Conceptual colored perspectives in relation with the existing site conditions and views.
  • Preliminary budget estimates.

The detailed drawings that are submitted to the client at that stage include, but are not limited to:

  • The list of drawings for all disciplines.
  • All architectural abbreviations, symbols and general notes.
  • Land documents.
  • Datum point calculations.
  • Schedule of areas.
  • All needed plans (site, roof, floors, annotation, life safety & fire compartments, interior design, reflected ceiling plans, toilets, staircases, elevators…).
  • Elevations  and sections.
  • Typical construction details and detailed specifications.
  • Schedules (Doors, windows, room finishes).
  • 3D perspectives.

Tender documents are provided in this stage in soft copies and include, but are not limited to:

  • Architectural tender drawings with engineering ones, general site works, utilities drawings and details.
  • Bills of quantities (priced) and technical specifications with vendors list.
  • Instructions to tenders with requested forms (Form of tender and appendices, form of agreement, form of bonds/bid bonds, performance bonds and advance payment).
  • General and particular conditions of contract.
  • BMS if required.

All the necessary drawings and plans for the Construction Permit application are prepared. The permit is signed and followed up by Erga with all concerned authorities until the final issuance.

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Over the last 40 years, we’ve been awarded nearly 4000 projects for design excellence and have placed high in nearly every industry ranking.

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