Urban design is the design of towns and cities, streets and spaces. It is the collaborative and multi-disciplinary process of shaping the physical setting for life – the art of making places.

Service Overview

Erga, thoroughly research, meticulously study and methodically develop its urban designs based on environmental concerns, social equity, economic viability, relationships between people and places, urban movement and form, nature and the built fabric with a view to creating places that work out perfectly and that are sustainable in the long term.

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In Urban Design, Erga focuses more on the shape and form of spaces, as well as people’s experiences of a place. Erga also focuses on how these spaces function in an effective way to make people’s lives better.

This stage consists of presenting a basic master plan concept with sufficient information that includes the following :

  • Massing proposals and layouts.
  • Explanatory sketches and diagrams.
  • Conceptual Plans, sections, and elevations at a scale large enough to explain the design concept.
  • Conceptual Colored Perspectives in relation to the existing site. conditions and views.
  • Preliminary Budget Estimates.
  • Development plots and parcels.
  • Location Plan, Survey Plan, General Access Plan.
  • Site Analysis (Slopes & Visibility).
  • Sector Plan, Parcellation Plan, Land use plan/ Permitted land uses.
  • Mass plan.
  • Public Domain Plan.
  • Building Height (levels).
  • Plan, Elevations, Transversal Sections sectors.
  • Roads levels & Slopes.
  • Pedestrian network Street and road hierarchy.
  • Main access plan.
  • Exterior parking areas and underground parking garages.
  • Perspectives & aerial views.
  • Elevations Study.
  • Land use requirements and space standards.
  • Housing and development densities.
  • Plot sizes and dimensions.
  • Road rights of way and layout guidelines.
  • Car parking standards.
  • service vehicle access.
  • Utility easements and Space standards.

Guidelines regarding passive and active architectural design strategies that respond to the functional aspects of the region’s development, climate, and culture.

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Over the last 15 years, we’ve been awarded nearly 600 awards for design excellence and have placed high in nearly every industry ranking.

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