Byout Ghalboun Renovation Project

Erga with the objective of preserving the typical Lebanese architecture has been involved in Byout Ghalboun project which purpose is to renovate old Lebanese houses transforming them into modern guesthouses while preserving their old character.

This renovation project started with 2 houses: Beit El Dayaa and Beit El Baydar, and expanded to a third house called Beit Riyad and is always intended to expand in the future.

Beit El Baydar is in the middle of a large lot endowed with a large circular baydar, a true belvedere overlooking the village and its surroundings. Restored few years ago, the house has four double rooms with a centered living room, an open kitchen and a big garden with its pool.
Beit El Dayaa consists of 3 floors Lebanese pavilion. The ground floor is a family area with an American open kitchen, a chimney and a large dining – living room. 4 bedrooms and a penthouse suite with a wonderful view towards Batroun and Beirut.
Beit Riyad is the newest renovated house that joined the guesthouses giving the impression that you are in a Greek typical blue and white house. It has 4 charming bedrooms and an open kitchen giving on the dining room and reception area with access to its swimming pool.

With the houses, the authentic restaurant, La Cave d’hôte was also renovated and an extension was added to to it to increase its capacity.