“Hi, We’re Erga. An architectural and engineering firm based in Lebanon with branches in Saudi Arabia, Qatar & UAE. We are working for the future of the profession, in other words we always strive to follow the latest trends and technologies in order to offer our clients the best designs they are aiming for.”

Elie Gebrayel

chairman / ceo

Firm Overview

A leading architectural firm enriching cities worldwide

Creating from space a lifestyle focusing on a sustainable development, to meet present and future needs relying on creativity, comprehensive solutions, professionalism and commitment to quality.

our story

Made with Dedication

A story of perseverance and hard work where success is at the end of every tunnel.

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what we do

Offering Total Solutions

You just reached the right place where you can find total solutions for your PROJECT.

creating lifestyles

Creating Lifestyles

At Erga, we are not only submitting a project to satisfy our client's simplest needs.

core values

A creative & agile team with strict ethics & integrity


It is the foundation of Erga’s daily work. Not only Perceiving a state-of-the-art project in an empty space requires a lot of new and imaginative ideas, but also an original cognitive ability and problem solving process which enables individuals to use their intelligence toward coming up with THE PROJECT.


Adaptability, flexibility and balance are three qualities essential to business agility. However, agility as much as creativity is essential in architecture to smoothly deliver many projects at once without delay with the best quality and to be up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the field.

Business Ethics

Reputation is not only the most important asset for Erga but also its strength. Therefore, to retain a positive reputation and image, Erga is committed to operate on ethical foundations, the respect of the surrounding environment, good treatment of employees and good market practices.


In Erga, integrity is the foundational principle of morality and honesty. In other words, it means telling the truth even if it is ugly. Honesty is better than deluding others, after all it is very difficult to have a successful business if customers don’t trust you and think you are dishonest.

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